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About the Company and the Owner 

Inspired by Hippocrates' famous quote, "Let food be thy medicine," Let Nature Nurture creates delicious, nutritious and health-promoting plant-based foods.

We provide the highest quality whole, plant-based vegan food prepared locally in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We use organic ingredients whenever possible, and our foods have high nutritional value. Our food is always gluten-free and fruit-sweetened. 

A Message from Our Founder, Hilary: 

In 2018, I was diagnosed with several inflammatory conditions including Crohn’s, which is an intestinal bowel disease. I could barely walk or hold a pencil, had severe brain fog, anxiety, exhaustion, low libido, major aches and pains and had gained weight, to name a few symptoms. Lifestyle changes, including turning to a whole food, plant-based way of eating, reversed most of my symptoms without medicine. 

On my journey for better health, I dug deep into the research around the impact of lifestyle and food on overall health. The more I read, the more my curiosity and enthusiasm grew. Before long, I became a certified integrative nutrition health coach and received a certificate on plant-based gut health and plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. 

Prior to my illness, I was a junk food junkie and a sugar-holic, often eating up to four full sized candy bars and cookies each day – no joke! I always loved great food, but ate way too much processed junk. Once I realized that food would be my medicine, I had to relearn what to eat, how to shop a grocery store and how to cook and bake in a way that would help reverse disease and promote better health. 

Since I was a self-trained chef, I saw mindful eating as a new and exciting challenge. I began experimenting with whole plant-based ingredients to make delicious food – that's when Let Nature Nurture cookies (and other foods that I sell at the local market) were born. I started serving my cookies to friends, who could not believe that these delicious cookies were actually good for you. They loved that the cookies offered a healthy snack with real ingredients for their kids and themselves, and, before I knew it, they were asking to buy cookies!

Sparked by my friends’ responses, I realized that I wanted to make health-promoting foods available to others. Why shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy great cookies that are also great for them? With so much processed food and misinformation about food and health out there, Let Nature Nurture's mission goes back to the basics: eat real food. You will recognize all the ingredients in our food. There are no weird sounding chemicals or ingredients - just real plant food. We hope you enjoy our food as much as we do!   

In May 2020, I launched my Instagram page @let.nature.nuture to share recipes and insightful information about food, lifestyle and health. I believe deeply that we all deserve to feel our best and that good, health-promoting foods are a key part of well-being and can help you to avoid or reverse chronic disease. You don’t need to suffer needlessly, like I did. Plants are our superpower, and we should use them!

I’m always willing to answer questions and encourage you to reach out via I also consistently share new recipes and insights on my Instagram page – visit today to connect!

Thanks for reading!!