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Do you use preservatives?

Heck NOOOOOOOO!!  Why would we ruin these amazing ingredients by adding preservatives??!!  We much prefer you buy our products and freeze them instead of using ingredients that are not health promoting.

Are your products vegan?

You bet they are.  All of our products are totally vegan and whole food, plant-based.  They are also gluten-free and fruit-sweetened.

Do you use whole grains or refined grains?

Peeps...of course we ONLY use whole grain!!  Whole grains retain the nutrition-packed bran and germ, and the endosperm. With refined grains, processing strips away the bran and germ—leaving behind only the soft, easy-to-chew endosperm that's rich in starch, but not much else. 

How long do your cookies stay fresh?

They will stay fresh for about two weeks, but can last for at least two months if stored in the freezer.  We recommend buying a bunch and popping them in the freezer so you can eat them whenever you want.  Just pull them out of the freezer and either eat them frozen (we love them this way) or allow them to thaw.   

Can I eat Let Nature Nurture cookies for a meal or a snack? Or are they just for dessert?

Heck ya!!  Feel good about feeding them to your entire family for any meal, dessert or snack.  They are packed with nutrition and taste AMAZING!!  We can’t wait to hear what your favorite flavor is!

Can I freeze your cookies?

They love the freezer!  Although our products stay fresh tasting for close to two weeks, we always recommend stocking up and popping them in the freezer.  Lots of people even like to eat them frozen...brrrrr!  If you freeze them, you can also thaw them before eating and they will taste great.  We always keep a bunch in the freezer to ensure we always have some available! 

Are the cookies crunchy or soft?

We love a nice chewy cookie.  Our cookies are chewy and delicious!!!  

You seem obsessed with dates...what’s up with that?

Wanna date?? We sure do!!!  For sure we are date crazed!!  Not only are they so delicious but they are great for you too.  Unlike other sweeteners, dates actually retain their fiber.  So not only are they packed with yummy flavor but also loaded with fiber and other vitamins and minerals.

Why do you use parchment paper to separate each cookie in a multi-pack?

We want each cookie to be a masterpiece and don’t want to risk them sticking together.  The parchment paper ensures that they don’t stick.   When serving them, we recommend putting them on a plate next to each other instead of stacking them.  If you do stack them, we recommend keeping the parchment separators. 

Are Let Nature Nurture products safe for celiac and/or gluten-free?

All of our ingredients are without gluten. Some ingredients do not specifically state they are certified gluten-free but there are no gluten products included.  Therefore we cannot guarantee that there has been no contact with gluten. Please proceed with caution based on your personal sensitivity.

Where do you make your products?

We create wonderful small batch goods out of our home kitchen in Jackson Hole, WY. 

Where can I buy your products?


Do you ship your product?


Do you deliver?

We do not deliver at this time.

Can I combine items to be shipped and delivered into one order?

Placing orders to be shipped would need to be done as a separate order from those you would like delivered.  Super sorry for the inconvenience but please place two orders - one for items to be shipped and one for those to be delivered.

You note your products are fruit-sweetened, but I notice you use chocolate chips in some of them - what’s that all about?

The only sweetener we use for our cookie dough is dates.  We do add dark chocolate, vegan chips to some of our cookie doughs.  The amount of added sugar from the dark chocolate chips is approximately 2 grams a cookie.  Although we don’t advocate eating a lot of refined sugar, we do like the fiber, flavonols (a type of antioxidant) and flavor that the chips bring to our cookies. We are very sugar aware so we are careful to add just enough for flavor without loading up on the added sugar. For those of you who prefer a cookie fully free of any added sugar, please choose a flavor that does not contain any chocolate chips.

What’s the deal with extra virgin olive oil? Why did you choose this oil for your cookies?

We do not use much oil in any of our products as oil generally does not have a lot of nutritional value.  We love using whole plant foods such as peanut butter, almond butter, tahini and cashew butter to give our cookies depth of flavor.  These nut butters and tahini are high in protein and fiber and also packed with micronutrients...which makes us happy!  

We do, however, use a small amount of extra virgin olive oil as it is one of the healthiest oils and has such a neutral taste.  Each of our cookies has less than ⅛-¼ of a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in them.  Olive oil has been heavily studied and has been deemed to be neutral to positive for health (you will find a lot of varying thoughts on this topic if you search the internet). We would never use any saturated oils such as coconut and palm oil as they can negatively impact your cholesterol and may increase your risk for coronary heart disease.  

Why do the chocolate chips sometimes get slightly discolored?

Sometimes you may see a slight change in the color of the chocolate chips (a bit of a whitish color).  This is totally fine and has zero impact on the taste or quality of the cookie. You will have likely seen this in chocolate, from time to time. It can happen with changes in temperature.